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Sail Repair

We provide sail repairs as a year-round service. All sails, whether dacron, mylar, or kevlar, take abuse and wear. At Hurricane Canvas & Sails, the entire sail is checked over, including seams, tapes, corners, and batten pockets. We can help stop small problems from becoming serious. Inspection of your sails annually protects your investment and will make your next sailing season more enjoyable.

Prices: Computed per hour.

The Empire Sandy

Other Sail Repairs

As well as repairing recreational and racing sails, we also repair Windsurfing Sails and Kite Surfers. This includes the sails on The Empire Sandy (Canada's tallest ship).

Prices: Computed per hour.

Recut Sails

We perform sail recutting as a year-round service. We will inspect and analyze the proposed recut on a case-by-case basis. Some recuts are better not done; we will work with you in regard to proposed sail modification to develop the best cut possible.

Prices: Computed per hour.

Sail Washing

Hurricane Canvas & Sails offers a sail cleaning and sail revitalization service to give any sail a fresh new look.

Prices: Computed per square foot.

Canvas Repairs

Hurricane Canvas & Sails can perform any type of repair from resewing and patching to window replacement.

Prices: Computed on an hourly basis.

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